[Bitcoin-development] BIP language on normative behavior

Amir Taaki zgenjix at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 21 01:14:10 UTC 2011

OK, give me a shout on IRC. It is a lot of work though, so be prepared. Bring bags of patience :)

 From: Luke-Jr <luke at dashjr.org>
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Subject: Re: [Bitcoin-development] BIP language on normative behavior
On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 7:59:00 PM Amir Taaki wrote:
> A few weeks back I was in discussion with the IANA on getting a bitcoin URI
> accepted in the standard. As a prerequisite I had to read 5 huge
> documents. I did not end up writing that RFC.

I also contacted the IANA about getting the bitcoin URI spec accepted on their 
index, however never heard back. If you want, please have whoever you 
discussed it with get in touch with me. Either way, please be sure whatever 
they index is compliant with the spec on the wiki as-is (especially not being 
BTC unit specific, as this is clearly non-scalable).

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