[Bitcoin-development] Changes for version 0.6 are being pulled into HEAD

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Wed Dec 21 01:46:41 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 3:49:16 PM Gavin Andresen wrote:
> I've been busy pulling patches into git HEAD for a Bitcoin version
> 0.6, with the goal of having a Release Candidate 1 out in a couple of
> weeks.

I've rebuilt my 'next' and 'next-test' branches...

Accepted for 0.6:
* 81807c3 Merge branch 'coinbaser' into next
* 6ea6db3 Merge remote branch 'laanwj/ui_copy_amount' into next
* a6ef83e Merge 'QR Code generation via libqrencode' into next
* e0673bd Merge branch 'signmessage_gui' into next

Ready for acceptance?
* 4783528 Merge remote branch 'matt/keepnode' into next-test
* 5a11d0f Merge branch 'force_send' into next-test
* 2cddc71 Merge remote branch 'sipa/comprpubkey' into next-test
* 73a8ca6 Merge remote branch 'matt/uri' into next-test
* 9314427 Merge remote branch 'gavin/testnetdifficulty' into next-test
* 1360e43 Merge branch 'stdint' into next-test

Needs review:
* 6ee82ff Merge branch 'forceresendtx' into next-test
* 8a82ba6 Merge branch 'blknotify' into next-test
* 674f1a6 Merge 'Temporarily disable "minimize to tray" in the startup phase
          if the "-min" option is specified' into next-test
* 5afd4de Merge branch 'bugfix_client_name' into next-test

Cannot be merged cleanly (at least not into next-test at this point):
* Pull 556 txinfo
* Pull 568 JSON-RPC multithreading + rpc_keepalive
* Pull 457 IPv6 JSON-RPC
* Pull 427 IPv6
* Pull 565 optimize_FastGetWork
* Pull 430 joelkatz optimizations
* Pull 562 optimize_ToHex
* Pull 452 JSON-RPC API versioning

Not yet written:
* Treat generation (almost) like normal receive
* JSON-RPC with integer amounts

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