[Bitcoin-development] Protocol extensions

Jordan Mack jordanmack at parhelic.com
Wed Dec 21 17:17:01 UTC 2011

I think it would be a lot more than that. According to the Scalability 
page (https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Scalability) if Bitcoin took over all 
credit card transactions, that would be about 1.14GB per block. I 
believe that is 58.5PB per year. (6*24*365*1.14/1024) This would also 
mean the distribution of 2MB of block data per second, which doesn't 
include broadcast overhead.

On 12/21/2011 12:50 AM, Michael Grønager wrote:
> when bitcoin takes over all credit card transactions (!), and even before that,
 > we will meet a scalability problem. The blockchain will grow rapidly,
> (1MB/10min  or 50GB/yr)

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