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Sun Dec 25 21:15:22 UTC 2011

Couldn't your net testing code be modified to do that to some extent?

Gavin Andresen <gavinandresen at gmail.com> wrote:

>Reposted from the forums:
>makomk reported a remote vulnerability that I pulled into the master
>bitcoin/bitcoin tree on December 20. If you are running git-HEAD code
>on the production network you should pull the latest code to get the
>bug fixed.
>This affects only anybody who has pulled and compiled their own
>bitcoind/bitcoin-qt from the source tree in the last 5 days.
>Gory details:
>I made a mistake.  I refactored the ConnectInputs() function into two
>pieces (FetchInputs() and ConnectInputs()), and should have duplicated
>a check in ConnectInputs for an out-of-range
>previous-transaction-output in the FetchInputs() method.  The result
>was a new method I wrote to help prevent a possible OP_EVAL-related
>denial-of-service attack (AreInputsStandard()) could crash with an
>out-of-bounds memory access if given an invalid transaction.
>The bug-fix puts a check in FetchInputs and an assertion in
>AreInputsStandard. This does not affect the back-ported "mining only"
>code I wrote that some miners and pools have started using.
>The good news is this was found and reported before binaries with the
>vulnerability were released; the bad news is this was not found before
>the code was pulled and could have made it into the next release if
>makomk had not been testing some unrelated code.
>Before releasing 0.6, I would like to have an "intelligent,
>bitcoin-specific fuzzing tool" that automatically finds this type of
>bug that we can run before every release. If anybody already has one,
>please speak up!
>Gavin Andresen
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