[Bitcoin-development] [announce] gobtc -- Bitcoin library and reference client in Go programming language

dpc at ucore.info dpc at ucore.info
Mon Dec 26 13:13:42 UTC 2011


I thought that it will not harm to share the project I've just began
to work on: gobtc

gobtc aim is to build a flexible FLOSS Bitcoin peer implementation,
that people could use in their applications to directly participate in
Bitcoin network.

Project home: http://github.com/dpc/gobtc

As this is a crosspost to bitcoin-dev and go-nuts  mailinglist, for
unfaimiliar with any of the terms

Bitcoin: http://bitcoin.org/
Go Language: http://golang.org/

Rationale is: Go language seems perfectly fitted for writing efficient
networking applications, and is providing build in standard library
support for a lot technologies used in Bitcoin.

If anyone is interested in participating, I'm encouraging to get in
touch with me. I'm already in touch with one person who is willing to
share some working code.

Dawid Ciężarkiewicz

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