[Bitcoin-development] Development priorities

bgroff at lavabit.com bgroff at lavabit.com
Fri Jun 17 03:05:59 UTC 2011

> 1) Scaling-up issues, like disconnections when downloading the block
> chain.
> 2) Wallet security.
> 3) Unit testing framework.  There was a PULL that had the start of
> boost unit tests; I think that is a critical need, along with a good
> suite of test cases.

I agree that these are critical and I'd love to help, especially on #2 and
#3.  #3 will, by necessity, include a thorough review of the code, which
may uncover latent issues.

I think that for #2 it would also be good to publish a "Best security
practices" document to try and educate the user base.

> Those are the big issues for me.  Anything that slows those down I'm
> going to ignore (example: love the idea of escrow transactions, but I
> do NOT want to add nifty new features when we're having trouble
> keeping the features we're using now working properly).

That is understandable.  However, something to think about later is that
multi-signature coins can help with #2, even with compromised end-user

Bobby Groff

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