[Bitcoin-development] [PULL] Add scriptPubKey enforced sendescrow and redeemescrow API calls

bgroff at lavabit.com bgroff at lavabit.com
Wed Jun 22 19:33:12 UTC 2011

> Gavin said:
>> 3DUP ADD  ADD HASH160 ...hash(pubkey1+2+3)... EQUALVERIFY 2 3 ROLL

On second thought, I'm not sure this is workable.  You would have to
distribute each party's pubkey ahead of time, otherwise you run the risk
that a party falls off the face of the earth and then you can't provide
the pubkeys to have hash(pubkey1+2+3) EQUALVERIFY.

If you have to distribute the pubkeys ahead of time, then the reduction in
address length becomes moot.

So it seems to be either distribute the pubkeys or distribute the

Bobby Groff

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