[Bitcoin-development] [ANNOUNCE] BitCoinJ v0.2

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Mon Jun 27 20:46:11 UTC 2011

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I'm pleased to announce BitCoinJ v0.2. There have been over 100 commits
since the first release back in March, which have added:

   - Full support for block chain re-orgs, including recognition of dead
   transactions (that will never be included in the chain).
   - Persistence of the block chain using multiple, pluggable stores. A
   BoundedOverheadBlockStore is provided that is suitable for usage on mobile
   devices where low memory usage and instant startup time are requirements.
   - A much larger test suite
   - IRC, DNS  and seed list peer discovery
   - ASN.1 key export
   - Many many bugfixes and minor API improvements.

This release represents the work of many people. In particular I'd like to

   - Andreas Schildbach
   - Miron Cuperman
   - Gary Rowe
   - Thilo Planz
   - Micheal Swiggs
   - Noa Resare
   - John Sample
   - Xiaofeng Guo

Google Switzerland GmbH
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