[Bitcoin-development] Lock protocol version numbers

Amir Taaki zgenjix at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 22:55:27 UTC 2011

Bitcoin is the protocol. The client protocol identifier needs a unique name. It is not a public name that anybody ever sees except protocol developers.

For instance with libbitcoin, there might be several clients using it, but they'd all have the same protocol identifier.

I think calling it Satoshi is apt homage to the person who made the original client reference protocol.


Take your pick.

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On Wednesday, November 02, 2011 6:33:12 PM Amir Taaki wrote:
> "Satoshi 0.5"

What is "Satoshi 0.5" anyway? 0.5's server is bitcoind and GUI is Bitcoin-Qt; 
the wx GUI client is gone, which is more or less what "Satoshi" referred to in 
the past...
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