[Bitcoin-development] [PULLs] 6 branches

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Mon Oct 3 20:17:52 UTC 2011

These branches are ready for merging to mainline.

Branches can be viewed at:

git pull git://gitorious.org/~Luke-Jr/bitcoin/luke-jr-bitcoin.git <branchname>


minfee_modes: minor internal API change as a step toward allowing
              user-customizable fee schedules


qmake_system_crypto++: allow building bitcoin-qt against system crypto++

    This is worthless if the crypto++ dependency is removed.


sharedlibs: build bitcoind against shared libraries on 'unix'

    Not sure why it's been static for so long, but most systems only have
    shared libs.


signal_blk_notify: -blknotifypidfile option to send SIGUSR1 to a PID when
                   there's a new best block

    Used by basically every pool now, it just sends SIGUSR1 to a poolserver.


bugfix_qt_uri_amount_parser: fix URI amount parser to accept exponents and

    Please don't bother arguing over bugfix_qt_uri_amount_parser. It'll just
    be a waste of time. Neither the pro- nor anti- sides have budged over
    multiple arguments already. I can't force you guys to merge it, but I can
    at least make it easy if you decide to tolerate it. Just keep in mind that
    it doesn't hurt the BTC-only URIs at all, and if nobody ends up using it
    for other units, it can always be removed later.
        Best  case scenario: people use it and bitcoin-qt works correctly
        Worst case scenario: people don't use it, and it can be removed


base58_liberal_parsing: accept typos in base58 data

    The same best/worst case scenario logic as the URI parser applies
    to base58_liberal_parsing too, so long as typos aren't advertised as
    legitimate addresses.

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