[Bitcoin-development] [PULLs] 6 *more* branches

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Tue Oct 4 05:06:17 UTC 2011

These branches are ready for merging to mainline. Note that these are not the 
same ones I sent earlier today, but part of a larger batch I have just 
finished rebasing.

Branches can be viewed at:

git pull git://gitorious.org/~Luke-Jr/bitcoin/luke-jr-bitcoin.git <branchname>


coinbaser: allow customizing what addresses are paid by generation, with
           failover to the standard "50 BTC to me" behaviour; also adds the
           "setworkaux" JSON-RPC call to add arbitrary data to the coinbase,
           which can be used to implement merged-mining (has safeguards
           against creating invalid coinbases)

    Eligius has tested this quite a bit under the 0.3.23 codebase.


txinfo: adds "pooledtx" (number of transactions in memory pool),
        "currentblocktx" (number of txns in the last block created), and
        "currentblocksize" to the output of the JSON-RPC 'getinfo' method;
        adds "block_hash" and "block_index" to transactions shown by
        'listtransactions' and similar JSON-RPC methods

    Been using this since 0.3.21 without issues.


force_send: disables automatically adding "minimum" fees for JSON-RPC
            methods-- instead, it returns an error or, iff the user sets the
            new second parameter "force" to the 'settxfee' JSON-RPC call,
            sends the transaction with the user-specified fee

    This only affects JSON-RPC users, who should be assumed to understand the
    risk of sending with insufficient fees.


eligius_relay: relay transactions that satisfy Eligius's minimum fee when it's
               lower than the default rules
eligius_sendfee: allow sending the lower fee between default and Eligius, and
                 adds relay.eligius.st to the DNS seed list

    Merge or not, up to you guys... I don't really care.


bugfix_CreateThread_ThreadSocketHandler_errReporting: report an error in

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