[Bitcoin-development] State of Bitcoin Development: October Brain Dump

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Thu Oct 13 13:38:32 UTC 2011

On Thursday, October 13, 2011 9:32:48 AM Gavin Andresen wrote:
> • Tighten up block-time rules to fix the potential "timejacking" attack.

Once again, this does not fix anything (they're already strict enough for the 
2-week window), and just creates new problems.

> • Work on 'discouraging' blocks/transactions to punish
> bad-for-the-common-good-but-good-for-me behaviors from miners or
> nodes.

Flawed concept. Only even potentially useful for extreme cases (ie, a miner 
intentionally making lots of 1 MB blocks of junk).

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