[Bitcoin-development] BIP process

Nils Schneider nils at nilsschneider.net
Tue Oct 18 21:26:22 UTC 2011

> • I propose that BIPs be wiki pages, with a social convention that the
> Author gets final word if any editing wars break out.

That's a good idea. What about using GitHub's Wiki feature for BIPs?
They support MarkDown which is easy to read in text editors so we could
someday create a repo with all finalized BIPs. That's a lot easier than
importing a mediawiki dump. The last time en.bitcoin.it went down I
tried to setup a static mirror and that was nearly impossible without a
full LAMP stack. Also, BIPs should only contain images when absolutely

> • If he's willing, I propose that Amir take the role of BIP editor.


> • I think bitcoin is still too small to have a specialized
> "bitcoin-ideas" mailing list; I propose that new potential BIPs be
> discussed either here or on the bitcoin-dev mailing list.


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