[Bitcoin-development] Determine input addresses of a transaction

Jan Vornberger jan at uos.de
Thu Oct 27 13:37:43 UTC 2011

Am Mo, 24.10.2011, 16:55, schrieb Gavin Andresen:
> Green addresses could be implemented as a second signature in the
> scriptSig.  You'd have to hack your bitcoin client, but you could
> generate a transaction that had <greensig> <sig> <pubKey>  ... as the
> input instead of <sig> <pubKey>.
> The <greensig> will be ignored by old clients.  The transactions is
> still considered 'standard'.  But you could teach bitcoin to look for
> <greensig> signatures in wallet transactions...

I played around with this a little bit and managed to generate such
transactions. However, I ran into the problem that IsStandard() also
checks that the size of scriptSig is not above 200. Adding an extra
signature there triggers this limit. I guess there is no way around


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