[Bitcoin-development] Detecting OP_EVAL scriptPubKeys that are to you

Michael Grønager gronager at ceptacle.com
Mon Oct 31 08:50:49 UTC 2011

> How would I know that unless you told me?

At least you would have a hunch that something like that had happened as one of your addresses had been part of a transaction (at least in my setup it would pop up immediately...).

> I think the right long-term solution is moving away from bitcoin
> addresses as 'pay-to entity' and create an infrastructure where we're
> paying people or organizations.

I am not sure what you mean by this - just recall that the semi anonymously feature of bitcoin is one of its key features.

> But in the short term, I think there
> are lots of benefits to creating a new type of bitcoin address built
> on top of OP_EVAL that will be very easy for all of our existing
> infrastructure to support.

Still, how do you solve the end less expansions of bitcoin addresses that each, depending of a leading 1, 2, 3... means a quite specific script inside the OP_EVAL ??? Its not esthetic...



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> Gavin Andresen

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