[Bitcoin-development] Adding request/reply id in messages

Wladimir laanwj at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 06:30:49 UTC 2012

> I don't understand why you say my proposal would make the protocol more
> stateful. I think it doesn't.
> Each reply is only  the result of the current request only, and there is
> no new session information.

I also wondered this. My first thought was that it's basically the same as
the PING message, a nonce that is repeated immediately on reply. This makes
it easier to multiplex operations over a single channel. I'm not against
this basic idea, and it is easy to ignore for clients that don't want to
use it.

I think the state comes in here:

      - inv sends back the requestid given in getblocks or a special value
in case of a notification.
      - addr sends back the requestid given in getaddr or a special value
in case of a notification.

"*command1* sends back the requestid given in *command2*".

This requires keeping state on the connection between command1 and
command2. Arguably, this state already exists in the current protocol, but
I'd rather see it reduced than extended.

Also... Many of the described commands don't need this as they already have
a natural "nonce". For example, the id of the requested block header. If
this is passed in the reply, and the caller can correlate the request and
reply without a special nonce administration.

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