[Bitcoin-development] bitcoin.org luke-jr/multiclient branch

Amir Taaki zgenjix at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 11:08:45 UTC 2012


Can we pull this? It's been there for almost 20 days now.


My comment:
"As a first step, this should probably be pulled right away and then 
any improvements can be made after. Lets get the ball rolling rather 
than debating the colour of the bike-shed!

Although I agree with Mike Hearn - far better would be a grid of 4 
columns and X rows. Each box has a linkable title, a picture and then 
850 word blurb from the project. I mean where would libbitcoin fit in 
here? I'd want to say the design philosophy behind it and that there's 
Python bindings - a circular peg that doesn't fit in the square boxes of this table. Although whatever, that's not important. I'm just happy to 
see MultiBit, Electrum and Armory get exposure."

Anyone that wants to see what it looks like can add this to their hosts file:  bitcoin.org

Then navigate to http://bitcoin.org

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