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Amir Taaki zgenjix at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 30 18:31:03 UTC 2012

Are we looking at the same list? Because here is the order I added: Bitcoin-Qt, Armory, Electrum and MultiBit. Maybe try CTRL-F5 to force a refresh of your browser.

Also about the descriptions: yeah I know. I think it's better to put this up first and then have everyone submit their own descriptions and screenshots. Otherwise it'll be a nightmare to coordinate until everything is perfect. I did message you on IRC today but maybe you were offline.

I didn't copy paste the Armory description from the website because it really sounds too spammy like a sales pitch. Here I was trying to give an even handed balanced overview of all the clients. For each client I was trying to empaphise a 'theme'. Bitcoin-Qt is stability. Armory is advanced. Electrum is convenient. MultiBit is ease of use.

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Hey, looks good!  I'm glad to see them sorted alphabetically :)

A couple comments:  I don't think the entries for "wallet security" and "backups" accurately describe Armory.  Wallet Security should say "Encrypt/Offline" or something to to that effect -- after all, offline wallets are the holy grail feature of the Armory.  And backups should say something like "One-time Printable" if it fits within the box.  

Otherwise, I really like the layout and design.  Although despite the fact I enjoy being first on the list, I think Bitcoin-Qt should still go first.  It is the "reference" client, and I think it's relevant that it is the "de-facto" client for the majority of users, and the one with the most quality control and stability.


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Check it :) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin.org/pull/34
>Live Security Virtual Conference
>Exclusive live event will cover all the ways today's security and
>threat landscape has changed and how IT managers can respond. Discussions
>will include endpoint security, mobile security and the latest in malware
>threats. http://www.accelacomm.com/jaw/sfrnl04242012/114/50122263/
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