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On 03/08/2012 01:07, Gary Rowe wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> This looks like a good idea to me. The test suites could act
> similarly to the 100% Pure Java approach that successfully fended
> off a lot of corrupting influences to Java over the years.
> Maybe it's worth putting together a small starter suite of tests
> and showing them to the community then providing a suitable
> process, perhaps through BIPs, to allow tests to be created,
> reviewed and updated before getting incorporated into a reference.
> I imagine a BIP would cover an aspect of the blockchain rather than
> a single test or test suite since having that many BIPs would get
> onerous fast.
> Kind regards,
> Gary

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the response. :)

I have started all this in bettermeans, but lost a lot of work (which
I am working on how to redo - but I am on holiday at the moment, and
have restricted access to my test setups)

Here is the discussion thread I had with gavin about acceptance tests.


Here is the work I have currently done (note, it was losing all the
General Acceptance Tests and getting no response from bettermeans that
has lead me to not want to use it)

also note that the terminology I have been using is a little wrong, I
refer to release 0.7 as testnet release 0.7 - I will tidy it up. - I
did this before and it looks like it got reverted somehow.

here is the main wiki space that I have been using.


For the General Accceptance Tests, check


These are the basic acceptance tests based off the changelog


However, notice no tests are in there yet.

There is plenty more stuff on bettermeans so please go have a poke
around.  I will try to get at least a wiki setup on a vps I have
control of (in germany, and provided by CINFU and paid for with
bitcoins) and get the stuff moved over and put the tests back up.  I
can do a limited amount of testing if the release is to happen in the
next week or two, So I will focus my efforts on the installation tests
and wallet tests. Ideally I would like to get all the GAT's done.

Hopefully this fleshes things out a bit more.

Please feel free to add/edit but remember your stuff might magically
disappear, it might be better to wait for the wiki move.  I intend on
doing the wiki move today. but that might not happen.

(I have a feeling that it was me adding stuff from an account that is
not on the BTP that blew things up, just a feeling though)

I would like to keep tests informal if possible, but that kinda goes
against the purpose of the tests. this is a bit tricky to explain if
you have not had a look at bettermeans.  bettermeans kinda has its own
BIP and voting mechanism, which is quite nice and it is what I want to
emulate - this should reduce the need for vetting of tests... have a
look at what is there and see what you think.



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