[Bitcoin-development] Version 0.7 release planning

Geir Harald Hansen operator at bitminter.com
Sun Aug 12 07:59:56 UTC 2012

On 11.08.2012 20:56, Wladimir wrote:
> Duplicate strings are not a problem. Some strings are used multiple
> times in the program, and thus appear multiple times in the translation.
> This is because there are cases in which a string that is the same in
> English is translated differently in another language based on the context.

That makes sense. But it's hard to translate when you just see the same
string twice and don't know the context where it will be used.

> At least Qt translator fills duplicates in automatically, with the
> option to change them if desired. I'm not sure about Transifex but I've
> heard it's the same there.

No, I just use copy and paste.

>     Use UPnP to map the listening port (default: 0)
>     Use UPnP to map the listening port (default: 1 when listening)
> The default depends on compiler flags, hence the two messages. I suppose
> the message could be split up, so that "Use UPnP to map the listening
> port" is factored out.

Sorry, forgot there was a compiler flag for this. No need to split this
up. As long as there is no explanation or description for each string I
think it's easier to translate whole sentences.

On 11.08.2012 20:32, Wladimir wrote:
> By the way, by far the most common support request I have at my pool is
>     users withdrawing coins and not seeing it in their wallet because it's
>     not up-to-date with the block chain. Might be worth adding
something in
>     the bitcoin-qt GUI to make it more obvious that users can't see new
>     transactions and why.
> For 0.7 we've added a red "(out of sync)" warning to the balances when
> the block chain is out of date.

Perfect. This will prevent a lot of confusion. Thanks!

Geir H. Hansen, bitminter.com

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