[Bitcoin-development] Announcement: libcoin

slush slush at centrum.cz
Wed Feb 1 15:09:58 UTC 2012

Very interesting. Do you have any plans to push your refactored code into
Bitcoin upstream for future releases someday?


On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 3:18 PM, Michael Grønager <gronager at ceptacle.com>wrote:

> Dear Bitcoiners,
> libcoin is now in a state ready for its first release, which I would like
> to share with you!
> === libcoin is a crypto currency library based on the bitcoin/bitcoin
> "Satoshi" client. ===
> Copenhagen, Denmark - 1st February 2012 Ceptacle announces the release of
> the first version of the crypto currency library "libcoin" based on the
> bitcoin/bitcoin "Satoshi" client.
> libcoin also maintains a version of bitcoind that is a 100% compatible
> drop-in replacement of the bitcoin/bitcoind client: You can use it on the
> same computer on the same files and you can call it with the same scripts.
> And you can easily extend it without touching the basic bitcoin source
> files.
> The libcoin/bitcoind client downloads the entire block chain 3.5 times
> faster than the bitcoin/bitcoind client. This is less than 90 minutes on a
> modern laptop!
> In libcoin, the Satoshi client code has been completely refactored,
> properly encapsulating classes, removing all globals, moving from threads
> and mutexes to a pure asynchronous approach. Functionalities have been
> divided into logical units and libraries, minimizing dependencies for e.g.
> thin clients.
> libcoin is chain agnostic, all chain (bitcoin, testnet, namecoin,
> litecoin, ...) specific settings are maintained from a single class (Chain)
> and hence experiments with chain settings, mining, security and digital
> currencies for research and educational purposes are easily accessible. See
> the ponzicoin example for how you define your own chain.
> The build system of libcoin is based on CMake and supports builds of
> static and dynamic libraries on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
> The libcoin license is LGPL v. 3. This mean that you can use it in open
> source as well as in commercial projects, but improvements should go back
> into the libcoin library.
> ======
> Read more on libcoin on: http://github.com/ceptacle/libcoin/wiki
> Join libcoin on twitter: http://twitter.com/libcoin
> Download "libcoin Satoshi release":
> http://github.com/ceptacle/libcoin/zipball/v0.4.0.1
> Best regards,
> Michael Gronager, PhD
> Director, Ceptacle
> Jens Juels Gade 33
> 2100 Copenhagen E
> Mobile: +45 31 45 14 01
> E-mail: gronager at ceptacle.com
> Web: http://www.ceptacle.com/
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