[Bitcoin-development] Announcement: libcoin

Craig B Agricola craig at theagricolas.org
Thu Feb 2 11:34:24 UTC 2012

On Thu, Feb 02, 2012 at 09:32:24AM +0100, Michael Gr?nager wrote:
>    // Register Wallet methods. - note that we don't have any auth, so anyone (on localhost) can read your balance!
>    server.registerMethod(method_ptr(new GetBalance(wallet)));
>    server.registerMethod(method_ptr(new SendToAddress(wallet)), Auth("username","password"));
>    server.registerMethod(method_ptr(new ExtraGetBalance(wallet)));
>    server.registerMethod(method_ptr(new ExtraSendToAddress(wallet)), Auth("username","password"));
>    server.run();

This should probably be

*    server.registerMethod(method_ptr(new ExtraGetBalance(extrawallet)));
*    server.registerMethod(method_ptr(new ExtraSendToAddress(extrawallet)), Auth("username","password"));

right?  Easy to miss if both wallets were empty in your quick test...  Awesome job with libcoin, BTW!


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