[Bitcoin-development] 0.5.2 tag in github ??

Michael Grønager gronager at ceptacle.com
Fri Feb 3 09:22:23 UTC 2012

Hi Gavin, others?

I am trying to redo the performance test of the libcoin client against the 0.5.2 Satoshi client, that I have learned also have received quite some improvements in speed since 0.4.0 (e.g. from not verifying signatures on early blocks).

However, I cannot find any tag with v0.5.2 in github:

Am I missing something, or wasn't that release tagged ?

What I am looking for in particular is the number "140700", the last block not to be verified - I can see this in:


But I would like to be sure that this is also the number used in 0.5.2.



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