[Bitcoin-development] Scaling at the end user level

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 19:32:33 UTC 2012

>> Have any groups published proposals for distributing
>> a weekly precomputed bootstrap chain?
>> rsync? db_dump > git > db_load?
>> There is also 50% or more compression available in the index
>> and chain.

> I have proposed packaging part of the block chain (doesn't even have to be
> weekly, just until the last checkpoint), but people fear it runs contrary to
> the distributed approach of Bitcoin.

Git repos are backed by strong hashes. Each commit could be a single
block dump, perhaps into a file hierarchy. Trusted entities, pools, etc
could sign at a checkpoint/height. Blockchain tools
would need made that can take the blk* and export single blocks and
process/export up to a certain block and quit. Everyone would do a
comparison and sign a commit hash. Everyone else git pulls. Having
the block toolset is a key prequisite to any sort of distribution. They don't
exist now :( Maybe the two bitcoin compatible library projects out there
will implement them :) Torrents are also strongly hashed and could be
signed as well.

Making the blockchain tools would be the most important thing to start.

> BTW: On such an old computer you should probably use one of the thin
> clients.

If that means not validating the chain, then it's as above. I'm not sure if it's
right to not care about the history if only making new transactions with a new
key post install time and then only validating new transactions as they come
in. Will have a look.

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