[Bitcoin-development] Some state/data file info

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 02:33:38 UTC 2012

I've been playing with the tools in db 4.8.30, and bitcoin stable...
My blockchain is up to date. Bitcoin is not running.

#  strings database/*
This will at times yield the addresses in your wallet.
So it's not exactly in compliance with 'only your wallet file matters'.

Bitcoin always leaves behind at least one "database/log.nnn" file.
Shouldn't it roll and delete it on exit like it does the other state files?
Particularly after a simple "we're able to do nothing but local
operations" invocation
like: bitcoind -proxy= -keypool=0 -connect=
-nodnsseed -noirc

Similarly, the ".lock" file is never deleted.
Shouldn't it be upon exit?

Vacuuming addr, blkindex, and wallet with "db_dump | db_load" will save
significant space. I do not yet know how to view or validate blk0001.dat.

When left with junk, I've been removing everything except:
addr.dat - node addresses
bitcoin.conf - config
blk0001.dat - blocks
blkindex.dat - index to blocks
wallet.dat - wallet

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