[Bitcoin-development] BIP-13

Gavin Andresen gavinandresen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 16:40:19 UTC 2012

> However, the definitions en base58.h are:
>        PUBKEY_ADDRESS = 0, (00000000)
>        SCRIPT_ADDRESS = 5, (00000101)
>        PUBKEY_ADDRESS_TEST = 111, (01101111) !!!
>        SCRIPT_ADDRESS_TEST = 196, (11000100) !!!
> [as a side note litecoin is 48 (00110000) and namecoin is 52 (00110100)]
> So there is no logic ?? I have searched the mailing list and the forum for
> discussions on this but found it hard to find any. If I overlooked
> something please direct me.

PUBKEY_ADDRESS_TEST is/was supposed to change (the logic for it being 111
was "eleven is Gavin's favorite number"), but I have higher priority things
to do than make all the necessary code changes to upgrade testnet wallets
(unfortunately the address:account mappings in the wallet store the address
base58-encoded) and the testnet faucet and get theymos to change the
blockexplorer.com/testnet site to change the version number and publicize
the change so anybody else who has created testnet infrastructure changes.

If you'd like to spearhead that effort, be my guest, but it is not as
trivial as just changing the definition.

Luke can explain why SCRIPT_ADDRESS_TEST is 196, my memory is fuzzy about
that (it always decodes to the same digit in base58 maye?)

Gavin Andresen
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