[Bitcoin-development] Random order for clients page

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Mon Jul 9 18:30:14 UTC 2012

It's easy to say, this page is controversial, so let's get rid of it.

However that starts the project down the road of being dominated by
our internal politics rather than what actually makes sense from the
end users perspective. That route spells doom for any product. You can
always tell when a UI or product is the result of internal politics,
whether it be the difficulty of plug-n-play hardware on Linux (no
driver api) to how Microsoft is incapable of producing anything that
isn't built on Windows. Gmail labs is another example of this.

It makes sense that if I go to bitcoin.org, I am educated about the
system and what is available for it. It doesn't make any sense to have
some stuff on the main site and other stuff on a wiki (which may get
randomly vandalized and looks less professional), based on how
"controversial" some developers find it.

FWIW I am dead set against anyone randomly changing the website
without a pull request and such changes should be reverted and
resubmitted through the proper channels. I don't perceive much value
in randomization or trying to make this page "fair". If anything, we
need to pick somebody (one person) who has a strong focus on regular
people and their needs, then just make them the sole committer to the
website. That way disputes can be resolved by them making a decision,
instead of ridiculous edit wars.

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