[Bitcoin-development] Random order for clients page

Jim jim618 at fastmail.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 18:54:42 UTC 2012

I think we are all so familiar with Bitcoin that we forget how daunting
and confusing it all is to new users. The clients page does a good job
in explaining that there are various pieces of software that they (the
new user) can use with their bitcoins.

It also helps with the question "Who can I trust ?"
By having the clients on a link from the "mothership" of bitcoin.org it
gives credence to all of the alt clients.

This last point is a good reason to only include open source clients

RE: The position randomisation - I have to admit I was secretly pleased
with the original layout, as MultiBit just happened to have the "eye
candy" position of "top and centre".  It is only fair to have them
switch around.
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