[Bitcoin-development] bitcoin.org - remove hackathon

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Tue Jul 17 00:09:48 UTC 2012

On Monday, July 16, 2012 11:47:02 PM Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Vladimir does raise a fair point, though.  Hackathon seems appropriate
> for bitcoin.org as it is focused on dev-related activities.  (full
> disclosure: speaking at bitcoin2012.com)  The conference might or
> might not be.  The conference does seem community focused, so I don't
> object to it being on bitcoin.org...  But if consensus prefers
> otherwise, that's OK too.

IMO, bitcoin.org is more community-focussed anyway.
How often do devs use the site, compared to GitHub etc?

Someone else made a pullreq for Bitcoin Magazine; I suggest(ed) that
for-profit organizations should be asked to pitch in some way or another.
Who should organize that, I don't know. If Bitcoin Consultancy/Amir is behind 
the conference, I suggest their/his development contributions should be 
sufficient in that respect.

> PS.  This seems like material for pull requests, which is preferred
> over mailing list email + git push.  When working on the satoshi
> client, we all ACK each other's pull req for anything beyond the
> trivial.

I concur, this should be discussed in a pullreq.

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