[Bitcoin-development] Berlin Hackathon

Amir Taaki zgenjix at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 17 09:19:38 UTC 2012

Video from the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ2rb4pHH1g

The Hackathon is over, thanks for all the participants and sponsors! I 
had loads of fun, and there were lots of great ideas flying around!

Thanks especially to:

- IN-Berlin, for providing the space to hold the hackathon!
- Sponsors: bitstamp.net, bitcoin2012.com and localbitcoins.com
- Room77 (the restaurant at the end of capitalism), for hosting the afterparty and the burgers & pampero 
- Jury: yossarian + other people who attended the presentations 

The results - winner first

1. Offline transactions for BitcoinJ/Android bitcoin wallet: Andreas Schildbach and grazcoin
- Ability for Android Wallet to do offline transactions
2. Bitcoin Pong: genjix
- Multiplayer pong, where you can win (or lose) bitcoins 
3. acceptbit.com: Jeremias Kangas and Stefan Thomas
- an ultra-safe merchant tool, where you can accept payments without sharing your private keys 
4. BitcoinJ Multisig: yellowhat and PK
- way to do multisig transactions for BitcoinJ/Android
5. Double-spend monitor: genjix
- tool to monitor double spends
6. Bitcoin-autosave: Mike Hearn
- BitcoinJ improvements (Mike did also loads of other stuff, and helped with winner project too)
7. Live-calculator: genjix
- Tool for btc accepting restaurants
8. Bitcoin mages: genjix
- Strategy game, where you play for bitcoins
9. Embed block message: genjix
- simple tool for embedding messages in block chain

Source code

genjix: https://gitorious.org/bitcoin-hackathon
acceptbit.com: https://github.com/kangasbros/electrumpos
Bitcoin Wallet: https://github.com/livne/Bitcoin-Wallet-for-Android (branch hackathon)


Participants, send jeremias your bitcoin addresses please 

The next hackathon will be organized before bitcoin london conference, Wed 12th and Thur 13th september, london. 

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