[Bitcoin-development] Scalability issues

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 15:11:24 UTC 2012

> Please fix your software stack. Something is wrong
> with your system

Nothing wrong, it's all default install. I documented the platform
for anyone who wants to confirm it.

> A full sync here takes something like an hour.

And what, similarly, is your platform?
It takes 5 seconds... on my Cray.

> I would guess that you are running the blockchain download
> through the tor-proxy

Use of Tor was stated. Tor is fast enough. I can copy the entire
3GiB of the .bitcoin dir in 7 days... off a slow hidden service.
And 0.5 days via exit.

> encrypting your disk (aes stuff) will not help you much either

Encryption is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect users of
bitcoin to be interested in doing. In fact, those not encrypting
their disks should probably rethink that plan.

> encrypting a the storage of a public blockchain seems to me a bit odd ?

Well, without detachdb, it's somehow tied to the wallet, whether
while processing or offline. And the wallet and debug.log are
not relocatable from the data. And encrypting everything is perfectly
reasonable anyways. As is storing your valuable data on filesystems
that verify the integrity of their data on disk, such as ZFS/BTRFS.

These days, crypto, Tor, and ZFS are common and non-arguments.

> I get a full blockchain from scratch in 45 minutes on my laptop

Again, timings with no CPU/OS/disk specs are useless infos.

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