[Bitcoin-development] Scalability issues

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 05:59:20 UTC 2012

> I now have an 1.8 ghz p3 celeron (128k cache) which should be
> substantially slower than your machine, running vintage 2.6.20 linux.
> Unfortunately I forgot to turn on timestamp logging so I don't know
> how long it took to sync the chain, but it was less than two days as
> that was the span between when I checked on it. It's staying current

Well, are you running bitcoin on, say, an FS with sha256 integrity
trees for all bits and AES-128-XTS/CBC disk encryption?
If not, we're not comparing the same apples, let alone the same OS.

> Again, I encourage you to investigate your software configuration.

Someone suggested I investigate turning off the above features.
Since I'd find their loss undesirable [1], and there's not much to be
tuned there anyways, I've given up and am investigating what more
GHz and cores will do.

[1] Keeping data both intact and private is a good thing. Does your
checkbook deserve any less?

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