[Bitcoin-development] BIP16 backport bug (0.4.x and 0.5.x stuck on block 177617)

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Thu Jun 14 15:00:45 UTC 2012

Block 177618 was rejected by BIP16-enabled backports (0.4.x and 0.5.x) due to 
containing a P2SH redemption with over 200 bytes in. Since the BIP16 code uses 
IsPushOnly to check the scriptSig for compliance, and IsPushOnly in these 
versions also enforced the 200-byte "is standard" rule, they were effectively 
treating it as a network rule. This was not a problem in 0.6 because the 
original OP_EVAL commit (e679ec9) moved the check outside of IsPushOnly.

This problem could have been avoided if either IsPushOnly was renamed when its 
semantics/behaviour changed significantly, or I inspected the OP_EVAL commit 
in detail instead of skipping it over as a new feature and not bugfixes. 
Additionally, it might have helped, if the commit message mentioned the 
change, but I'd probably have still missed it as it wasn't relevant until 
months later.

I will be releasing 0.4.7 and 0.5.6 hopefully in the next 24 hours to address 
this bug, along with instructions to get unstuck:
    1. Ensure you have the minimum required 1280 MB memory available
    2. Create a new file in your bitcoin directory (the same one with
       wallet.dat) called DB_CONFIG with the following two lines:
           set_lk_max_locks   1000000
           set_lk_max_objects 1000000
    3. Start bitcoind or Bitcoin-Qt
       Your client will NOT show any signs of making progress during this time
    5. When complete, your client should be up-to-date on block count
    6. At this time, you may wish to delete the DB_CONFIG file and restart
       your client, to use less memory


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