[Bitcoin-development] 0.6.x - detachdb in wrong place

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 03:27:52 UTC 2012

> be sure to have good backups that never touched the new code...
> We have at various times had bugs in master that would corrupt
> wallets

Sorry, that's to be expected, I shouldn't have asked.

> It would be very helpful if anyone offering bitcoin services would
> setup parallel toy versions of your sites on testnet...

Good point.

> we don't currently have enough testing activity on master.

I usually test compile / report current and stable of things I use.

So I get that github/master is the obvious top of things.
But in looking at where the tags are between repositories,
it's still not clear to me what the workflow is.


There are these release tarballs on sourceforge, which all have
tags in github, yet no tags in gitorious. There are no 'x' branches
on github, yet there is one release applicable branch on gitorious.

I guess I'd expect to see, that if as hinted by Luke that gitorious
has the stable trees, that there would be release tags there, laid
down at some comfy point in time on the 'x' stable branches there.
(The stable branches inheriting new code from master). But there
are no such tags.

And the releases/tags seem to magically appear from nowhere on
github :) Again, I'm trying to extricate myself from CVS here.

# sourceforge tarballs

# github branches
  remotes/origin/master        432d28d Merge pull request #1477 from
  remotes/origin/0.6.2         40fd689 Bump version to for
osx-special build
# github tags

# gitorius branches
  remotes/origin/0.6.0.x d354f94 Merge branch '0.5.x' into 0.6.0.x
  remotes/origin/0.6.x   5e322a7 Merge branch '0.6.0.x' into 0.6.x
# gitorious tags

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