[Bitcoin-development] 0.6.x - detachdb in wrong place

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 08:09:56 UTC 2012

> Workflow is ...

Thanks very much, I think that helps me/others. I did not realize
there were release windows in master and thought it more as the
typical full time dev slush. That also explains the presence of all
the release tags in github repo. And even, in a divergent way, the
presence of github/0.6.2 as path to gitorius/0.6.x. And I agree
with the (last bugfix after release) -> import/maintain model, it
would be similar in solo repo.

> I guess I've been neglecting to update the stable repo with
> releases tagged in master. It should be fixed now.

Yes, that has helped! Now git'ers can easily compare the release
tags to stable 'x' branches on gitorious. I don't know how to do
that across repos yet, save manuel diff of checkouts from each,
which would have been required prior to this update you made.

Also, these declarations of defunctness help sort out too.

# git branch -vv -a
"This stable branch is no longer maintained."

Ok, so for my works I will now track github/master (edge) and
gitorious/0.bigN(eg: 6).x (stable) against gitorious/bigTagRelease
(latest public). Thanks guys, and Luke :)

I hope other with similar questions find this thread. Apology for
subverting its subject somehows.

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