[Bitcoin-development] JSON-RPC is BIP territory or not?

Amir Taaki zgenjix at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 18:51:41 UTC 2012


I got sent this BIP:


What is your opinion on this? Is it BIP related?

It is a implementation-specific non-bitcoin-protocol proposal. My understanding of BIPs is that
they apply across bitcoin implementations and largely focus on the most generic use-cases
(like the URIs) and the protocol. Things which affect all clients, and allow the system to function
as a united whole.

That BIPs especially focus on the protocol, and that something like this is outside the mandate
of the BIP process.

For instance, we could imagine a future scenario. Bitcoin-Qt is currently based off bitcoind's
codebase. However wumpus built the client in mind with an abstraction layer to enable multiple
backends (a good design). In our hypothetical situation, there are 3 different backend codebases
using Bitcoin-Qt. I do not think a proposal to mandate a changing to Bitcoin-Qt's abstraction
layer or a change in the UI placement would be appropriate BIP material.

OTOH, many clients do need to make use of URIs and the BIP process is totally correct, as it
standardises a behaviour which is needed for interoperability of the network and community.

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