[Bitcoin-development] new bitcoin.org clients page

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Wed May 2 13:31:00 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, May 02, 2012 9:22:42 AM Mike Hearn wrote:
> The original software written by Satoshi Nakamoto, the project's founder.

This is just wrong. While Bitcoin-Qt is by far the best client, it is 
Wladimir's, not Satoshi's.

> If your computer is low powered or you aren't willing to tolerate a 24-hour+
> initial start time, you should consider other clients.

Isn't this down to only a few hours now?

> Armory was partly funded by a community donation drive which raised over
> $4000.

I don't see this as relevant. Every client has been partly funded by 
donations, anyway.

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