[Bitcoin-development] new bitcoin.org clients page

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed May 2 16:21:13 UTC 2012

> While Bitcoin-Qt is by far the best client

This is purely subjective. One's best is another's worst.

> These are both things which are particular
> suitable to clear objective enumeration.

Yes, so for the purposes of compiling a list of clients
and libraries, please just stick to a table of features.

On the subjective part, I'm finding the library+client
implementations to be nice, and indeed the future.
Afaik, there are two major pairs of these so far that
should be listed. Ymmv.

Can someone also please set the reply-to header
for these lists. It's really annoying to hit reply and
not have the list address show up. Thanks :)

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