[Bitcoin-development] new bitcoin.org clients page

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed May 2 16:53:07 UTC 2012

> it's unclear how best to run this page. It's clear we need one though.
> the right path is probably the middle one - have some descriptions that try to be neutral

Do it in two parts...
- overview, history, architecture model, 'whys'.
- agnostic table of features, platforms, stats, protocols, etc

Last, resolve whether or not bitcoin.org is independant.
It cannot be if it does not accept all lib/client under it's umbrella
or has a lib/client project of it's own. You will hit up against this,
just saying.

> Bitcoin-Qt
> This application is a peer-to-peer client that builds the backbone of the Bitcoin network.

No, they all do this and build it, subject to their feature set.

> It is suited for enthusiasts, merchants, miners, developers

No, all implementations are suited for whoever, subject to their feature set.

>  and people who want to help support the project.

Which project, the given client or the bitcoin meme.

> People who run Bitcoin-Qt are first class network citizens and have the highest levels of security, privacy and stability.

Right, anyone who doesn't is unwashed rebel scum, running default
installs of xp, on systems with bad ram, who post their home address,
transaction logs, and pink bits on facebook.

> leave it running in the background so other computers can connect to yours.

Again, a feature set / usage model thing.

> MultiBit
> fast and easy to use, even for people with no technical knowledge.

Hey, we're fast, easy and for noobs, me too.

> It has a...

But at least the backing specifics to that claim are stated.

> Armory
> Armory was partly funded by a community donation drive which raised over $4000.

Yeah, every lib/client will have a donation thing on their own site,
and the developers own real world wallet.

> Electrum
> the privacy level is lower than for other clients.

Not sure of this claim. It's all in the usage. Run your own remote,
use anonymizers, etc. Right?

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