[Bitcoin-development] [ANNOUNCE] BitCoinJ 0.5 released

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Wed May 30 15:58:45 UTC 2012

I'm pleased to announce the release of BitCoinJ 0.5, the library that
powers Android Wallet, SatoshiDice, Bitcoin Status, the server side part of
BCCAPI and much more.

This release focusses on bug fixes, making the build more standard and
completing the transition to the protobuf wallet format. It also includes
the first preview of the native API, allowing you to access bitcoinj from
C++/Objective-C++ using a straightforward, intuitive mapping from the Java
API. Much easier than JNI and no JVM is required, just the libgcj support
library. Examples of a native Cocoa app for OS X and a command line hello
world app are included. Because it's not fully finished/documented yet,
this work is available on a branch rather than in the main release.

We now have a Google+ page where we'll post announcements and developer
tips/ideas: https://plus.google.com/102614914114364947458

New in this release:

   - Address.getParameters() and Address.getParametersFromAddress() let you
   figure out for what network the address is for (test, production, etc).
   BitcoinURI no longer requires a NetworkParameters for the same reason.
   - Updated to latest bouncy castle version, remove the need for the
   Android artifact by using the SpongyCastle build
   - Receives pending transactions much faster than before
   - Update to the testnet2 rules
   - Wallets now store the current chain head
   - wallet-tool can now create and broadcast transactions from the command
   - Wallets will now be auto-migrated to protobuf format if they were
   previously serialized Java objects
   - Now uses the standard Maven directory layout
   - Many important bugfixes

I'd like to thank Jim Burton, Miron Cuperman, Andreas Schildbach and Gary
Young for their contributions to this release.

You can get it from the download page on www.bitcoinj.org
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