[Bitcoin-development] Payment Protocol Proposal: Invoices/Payments/Receipts

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Tue Nov 27 00:26:16 UTC 2012

> Perhaps we should agree to talk about everything _except_ that first?

Yeah, alternatives to X.509 chains don't interest me right now except
in the sense that they should be cleanly implementable with future

So if you care about DANE or DNSSEC or custom PKI infrastructures or
whatever, rather than proposing them as replacements here (DOA), just
figure out how you would extend the protocol in Gavins mail in a
future extension. If you can't see a clean way to do it then let's
discuss that. If you can think of a way to do it then let's table it.
Better replacements can come in later BIPs.

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