[Bitcoin-development] Payment Protocol Proposal: Invoices/Payments/Receipts

Michael Gronager gronager at ceptacle.com
Tue Nov 27 10:42:01 UTC 2012

> The SignedReceipt message is useful in the sense that it shows
> confirmation by the merchant, but if you don't get one, you can still
> prove you paid the invoice. So from this perspective perhaps
> SignedReceipt should be renamed to Acceptance or something like that,
> and then the spec should call out that a signed invoice plus accepted
> Bitcoin transactions is mathematically a proof of purchase.

Which is why I find the "SignedReceipt" somewhat superfluous. If you implement a payment system, like bit-pay/wallet you are likely to double that through some sort of e-mail receipt anyway.

Further, the inclusion of x509 is not really needed in the spec - you don't need to sign the invoice with an x509, you can use the payment key. The proof would still be equally binding, and valid also for non holders of x509 (server) certificates (like normal people).
Finally, host certificates does not normally keep in their "purpose" S/MIME Signing. So you are bending the intended use of the x509 certificate anyway.


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