[Bitcoin-development] Crowdfunding Bitcoin development on FreedomSponsors

Tony França tonylampada at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 20:24:58 UTC 2012

Howdy everyone.

This is my first post on this lits, so please allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Tony, 31, software engineer, brazilian.
More about myself here <http://tonylampada.blogspot.com.br/> and

I'm reaching out to this list because I've built a free software
crowdfunding platform that you might find interesting/useful.

It's called FreedomSponsors - will you please take a look?
- http://www.freedomsponsors.org
- http://blog.freedomsponsors.org/

FS lets people place money bounties on issues of open source projects.
(like bitcoins issues listed at https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues). If
more people have the same needs, they can "chip in" on that offer. Payments
are made directly to developer *after* the issue has been resolved (no
escrows involved).

Right now, the only supported payment option is Paypal, but I'm already
working on enabling the use of Bitcoin both as a currency and a payment

So, if you like it, feel free to use it, and maybe even contribute to it
(which is *very* welcome) - it's open source on Github -
If you have any feedback, I'm happy to hear about it.

Tony Lâmpada
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