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Wed Oct 3 03:00:16 UTC 2012

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On 03/10/2012 03:02, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 9:15 PM, steve <steve at mistfpga.net> wrote:
>> Im ready to go, more or less.  Please check out the links in my 
>> previous emails. I have over 400 testcases (8 platforms * 50
>> release tests) - Also I am not sure what you mean by bless, I
>> take it that is a euphemism for pay?
> Perhaps a bit bluntly here— but since you seem to be rather boldly 
> insisting on getting paid:

that is not what i was getting at, nor what i meant at all.I am sorry
it came across this way. Im a bit drunk. (yeah that old excuse) I was
only trying to make an example of the quandary that exists, in what
happens to the current donations. There are far more deserving people
who have a claim on that coin rather than I.

I have stated on more than on occasion (written in public and verbal
with gavin) that I would be willing to work for free. But I would love
to be able to ditch the day job. (however i see that more as services
than mining/testing)

rereading what i wrote yeah, fair play i can see how you read my mail
like that. it wasnt meant to :/ i feel a bit of a turnip. the tone is
not what i meant. it does read pretty mercenary.

> With all of this testing where can I find the issues you've
> uncovered? Searching on your name/email in the issue tracker
> reports nothing, likewise I can't find anything in my email (beyond
> abstract discussion of testing).

This is a different issue. But I see why you have raised it and I
would like to address it. I personally believe you should earn
bitcoins for writing testcases, executing testcases, passing or
failing test cases. in that order (failing a testcase normally
generates a new one therefore encouraging indepth and recorded
testing.). QA should not be judged based solely on bug reports - this
is unfair and will result in race to report bugs.  I have worked on a
few projects that have tried it.

This is one reason we need workflow and testcase software, so we can
measure and compensate people for their work.

As I have stated in previous emails I should have, but for various
excuses did not manage to run a single testcase for 0.7. but I did
setup a frame work, and I know some people did do some good work on
0.7 I believe these people should be compensated from the (limited)
funds the project received... something needs to happen with those coins.

I am sorry you find my emails abstract (and therefore meaningless?)

this is a really confusing time. i dont know if i am doing right from
wrong. I am trying to lead, without leading... i have always preferred
benevolent dictator. I know a number of bitcoin businesses that are
really keen to work with the project, but I have no authority, noone
seems to. Someone should be able to say, nice one, thanks for the
vm's. maybe use $200 worth of coin to get a technet licence, that
gives 10 installs of each ms OS. slipstreaming in the service packs
means you can have whatever era pc you want (and the vps providers
will allow various configuration of vm's...) then even if you do it by
hand you can still do 6 or 7 at once...

as for bug reports, give me 1 week from now (168hrs), lets see what i
can do. (priority, protocol, daemon, qt ref?) but still process is
more important...

I still think that writing and doing testcases should get more coin
than bug reports. but from what I have read, the big bounties will be
paid by the foundation. im not sure if that is true or where i read
it. (protocol level bugs)

it feels like I am wasting peoples time,and I should get back in my
box. so I will.

contact me off list if you want to have a look at the various workflow
stuff i have done.


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