[Bitcoin-development] Fwd: Re: Bitcoin Testing Project

Gavin Andresen gavinandresen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 17:30:44 UTC 2012

I had hope the Testing Project would be self-organizing, with somebody
taking on the QA lead role and figuring out the hard questions like:

+ How to do fundraising?
+ If/when bitcoins are available, how to decide who gets rewarded for what?
+ If somebody wants to help, how do they start?

Steve jumped in and started creating a gazillion tests cases, which is
great, but creating test cases isn't the hard part. Creating a
"community" of testing that gets things done is the hard part that I,
frankly, don't have time to do.

I hoped that the BetterMeans platform would help, but it sounds like
it was more of a hindrance than a help.  Ok:  live and learn.  Failed
experiment, lets move on...

So, RE: moving on:  I'd like to tag a 0.7.1rc1 release in the next few
days (I'll start another thread about that). How about a very
short-term goal of getting these QA deliverables:

1. A process for QA testers to sanity-test release builds, and
sign-off as "Tested/problems found" or "Tested/OK"
2. Some place online I can look to see if all of our supported
platforms have been tested before promoting a release candidate to
"final release"

PS: Thanks to Peter for responding to the "what's the relationship
between the Foundation and the Testing Project" (executive summary: no
relationship right now).

Gavin Andresen

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