[Bitcoin-development] Electrum security model concerns

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Wed Oct 10 15:55:44 UTC 2012

> I tried in IRC and got no response. These messages are copying the
> only contact email address I could find.

Forum private message may work better.

> I think this is very hard because this matter is rapidly politicized.
> There are some in the community who will instantly allege misconduct
> when there is a mis-agreement.

Yeah, but that's only an issue if it ends up being an intractable
disagreement between the people who are reviewing changes to the core
site. The clients page itself was contentious but we still arrived at
something reasonably professional looking and moved on.

> discussion here... instead of, e.g. starting the process to remove it
> from the bitcoin.org clients page.

I don't think it should be removed. At most the description should be
updated to point to a discussion of the tradeoffs of that class of
apps (same for BitcoinSpinner).

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