[Bitcoin-development] 0.7.1 release candidate 1 ready for testing

steve steve at mistfpga.net
Thu Oct 11 17:45:21 UTC 2012

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On 11/10/2012 16:46, Gavin Andresen wrote:
> Any progress on a release candidate QA sanity testing plan?

essentially yes - in all seriousness, I have come around to your way
of thinking, it is not worth arguing about. we end up in the same place.

:) nothing is final though. I will be opening it up to Arklan in a bit
(I have a pool match tonight so after that depending on how drunk i
get.) and to another couple of people who have emailed me off list who
would like to be involved in testing.

I have not created any new tests for the new stuff.  this is still the
noddy stuff.

It covers everything that needs to be covered for a newbe or someone
upgrading clients.

and it is in many formats the moment (from wiki to test runner) none
particularly useful (about to import into mantis, just fiddling with
the fields so it does testcases)

I have been trying to separate the tests into what can be automated,
recorded and checked by watching the video and have sanity checks
along the way (published sha and sha256 of the binaries match) -
(obviously the test is flagged to be run manually if there is any doubt)

I did take myself outside and had a little sit down and talk to
myself.  Lets not run before we can walk. I will still keep the grand
ideas, but they are on the back burner. (I got called a blue skies
thinker today, wtf is one of them? I said smiled and said thanks)

the main things we make sure we get tested right are all the GAT tests
in bettermeans.They are more protocol based and should be run against
all releases.  Lets nail that process, peer review it, retest it, then
use that as a basis for The Process. I will temper my zealousness. I
realise that I can come across as bullish or even aggressive in my
emails.  I never mean too.(unless I say I am. That is not an excuse
for my poor english language skills.)

But I still think that the people running the tests should have the
greatest say in what software is used. So once you have access to the
server and the cases feel free to install your favourite software and
see what other people think.

but we have a vague structure and workflow so it will be interesting
to see how it works out.

the git integration will be trivial.

please email me if you would like access.  I am off out in 15 mins but
I promise to have all access sorted by tomorrow.  I am only using 3
vps to show example testing and test platforms.  I would like it if we
could get a technet license with the donations so far, I use mine (and
my msdn) for work.

also check out bettermeans for the formats that I will be using.

bollocks. bollocks. bollocks


bye bye bettermeans. how we never knew ye.

Gavin, can we get a bitcoin-test mailing list please.  it would be
used for discussion of testing, tools, ideas, chatter, etc.  it would
not be a place reporting bugs... This list seems very focused and I
always feel like I am disrupting things with my emails about test.  I
dont mind admining the list. I would rather be vocal and inclusive, I
dont think the dev list is the place for that.

> Bitcoin version 0.7.1 release candidate 1 is now available from: 
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/bitcoin/files/Bitcoin/bitcoin-0.7.1/test/
>  This is a bug-fix minor release.
> New features ------------
> * Added a boolean argument to the RPC 'stop' command, if true sets 
> -detachdb to create standalone database .dat files before shutting
> down.
> * -salvagewallet command-line option, which moves any existing
> wallet.dat to wallet.{timestamp}.dat and then attempts to salvage
> public/private keys and master encryption keys (if the wallet is
> encrypted) into a new wallet.dat. This should only be used if your
> wallet becomes corrupted, and is not intended to replace regular
> wallet backups.
> * Import $DataDir/bootstrap.dat automatically, if it exists.
> Dependency changes ------------------
> * Qt 4.8.2 for Windows builds
> * openssl 1.0.1c
> Bug fixes ---------
> * When running -testnet, use RPC port 18332 by default.
> * Better detection and handling of corrupt wallet.dat and
> blkindex.dat files. Previous versions would crash with a
> DB_RUNRECOVERY exception, this version detects most problems and
> tells you how to recover if it cannot recover itself.
> * Fixed an uninitialized variable bug that could cause transactions
> to be reported out of order.
> * Fixed a bug that could cause occasional crashes on exit.
> * Warn the user that they need to create fresh wallet backups after
> they encrypt their wallet.

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