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Matthew Mitchell matthewmitchell at godofgod.co.uk
Mon Sep 10 15:25:25 UTC 2012

Almost forgot...

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> From: Matthew Mitchell <matthewmitchell at godofgod.co.uk>
> Subject: Re: [Bitcoin-development] Segmented Block Relaying BIP draft.
> Date: 10 September 2012 16:23:45 BST
> To: Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com>
> By "gettreelevel" and "treelevel" you get the level of the merle tree with the hashes for the segments you want to download. You could request all the transaction hashes by specifying a very deep level. You could modify the proposal by removing the "level" byte in "gettreelevel" and always send the deepest level ie. The transaction hashes. Though by specifying the level you do not need to download all of the transaction hashes, only the hashes you need to verify each segment.
> On 10 Sep 2012, at 16:14, Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Why does this focus on actually sending the hash tree?  The block
>> header + transaction list + transactions a node doesn't already know
>> (often just the coinbase) is enough.

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