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Wed Sep 26 17:44:34 UTC 2012

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On 26/09/2012 17:06, Mark Friedenbach wrote:
> Running a concurrent Mantis tracker would be confusing and fragment
> the development pathway. We have an issue tracker; it's on github.

I think you misunderstand what I am proposing.

QA needs more than just an issue tracker. i have yet to find any
opensource software that integrates testcases, nor any method for
generating testplans, nor any method for linking testcases and plans
to requirements, that work with git.

We will need software for this (as well as workflow software) and it
is much easier to integrate this into mantis/bugzilla. They are both
so much more functional than Git.

both mantis and bugzilla have full two way functionality with git.

> What's being talked about here are two separate things. Jenkins is
> a continuous integration system. It can be configured to run the
> suite of unit tests, regression tests, and any kind of automated
> functional tests for every commit on github and every pull
> request.

well 3 but okay.  Jenkins integrates both with mantis (and therefore a
testsuite, etc) and with git. I do not see why anything should be any
different.  again I am not trying to change any current process, just
develop some new ones.

> Github is our issue tracker. Github, and only github, is where new
> issues should be reported (unless it's security related, in which
> case an email should be sent to the core devs directly).

You will only ever receive bug reports via git. How they are entered
should not be of concern.

There will be no space in mantis/zilla for bugs that are not related
to testcases.

> Certainly developers should be responsible for making sure that
> regression tests for bugs they fix make it either into the unit
> tests or Matt's functional test repository. QA should hold them
> accountable for that (re-opening tickets for bugs that have been
> fixed but without regression tests).

I feel very strongly that developers should not do regression testing
or any signoff testing on their own code. QA should do the testing. I
am 50/50 if they should write the testcases. the QA process should
make things easier for the dev team, not generate more work for them.

> The other thing we're talking about is coordinated release
> testing--getting release candidates in the hands of actual users
> and making sure that issues are reported. This is something that
> can't be automated as the point really is to pick up on things that
> the testing suite missed. You sound more qualified than me for
> coming up with a process, but in the end discovered issues should
> be reported to github, the final repository of issues that hold up
> Gavin from doing a release.

All the core development team will still use git. the extra software
is needed by test.

(And the third point was coming up with a suite of tests for 3rd party
developers to test their interoperability - this will having nothing
to do with git, or mantis. But the solution should be compatible with

> Just my 0.002BTC Mark
> On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 6:22 AM, steve <steve at mistfpga.net> wrote:
>> I think you might be misunderstanding a little. I am not trying
>> to replace the current system, I need to make sure that what I do
>> will be compatible with it (seamlessly so for the developer). I
>> do not want this to generate extra work for the development
>> team.
>> However testing is a lot more than just bug reporting, dont get
>> me wrong bug reports are important, but so is running a testcase
>> and that testcase passing, especially if that testcase is linked
>> to the proof of a requirement. I am trying to develop a qa
>> environment that is conducive to testing and will allow the
>> testers to shine in all their glory :) and we need different
>> tools and methodologies.
>> Git is too developer centric to be useful for organising testing.
>> - however there is a large amount of software that is compatible
>> with git, so the core development team only ever need to work
>> with git.
>> The linking between a bug, the requirement, the fix, the retest,
>> and updating of regression testplan is vital. So is the ability
>> to organise testing campaigns and assigning tests, work units and
>> test relevant docs/scripts/ideas, etc.
>> I hope this clears things up a bit?
>> Cheers,
>> steve

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