[Bitcoin-development] Floating fees and SPV clients

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Sun Dec 1 16:50:10 UTC 2013

(my post hasn't shown up for an hour, so I'm sending it again)

On 12/01/2013 02:41 PM, Mike Hearn wrote:

>> As long as the tx is not confirmed (by a broadcast), apps can offer to
>> bump up the fee a little bit.
> Unfortunately there are risks to that approach.

I assume you're right, since I do not have so much experience with game

About the UI:

Generally, for pending tx I'd like to measure time they're not being
broadcast-confirmed and count blocks that they missed being included.
Both can be combined into adapting the current generic messages ("This
payment should become spendable shortly" for incoming and "This payment
has not been transmitted yet" for outgoing transactions). Hint:
Statistics could be offered by bitcoinj.

For outgoing transactions, if it is very clear that they're never going
to be confirmed, I'd like to see a "Revoke" button. This would have
saved us some support hassles with the transmit bugs. It could also
offer a "Top up fee" button, which would replace the tx by a new one.
I'm aware about a possible double spend but who cares? It doesn't matter
which of the two transactions gets into the chain, as long as not both
will be included.

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